Music & Fine Arts

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Blair County Christian School also offers education in the Fine Arts of music and speech.

Each year, our elementary students perform a Christmas concert that usually consists of various songs and a play that focuses on a biblical lesson.  Our secondary students also sing several sacred Christmas music selections.

Senior High students are required to take a course in speech (typically 10th grade), which educates students on the styles of speaking and proper public speaking techniques.

Music programs at BCCS include music theory, voice lessons, and instrument lessons.  Junior high grades are required to take a music theory class that teaches them the basics of music and God-honoring music theory.  Instrument lessons are available for all ages, and elective chorus programs are available for junior and senior high students.

BCCS is also an active member in the Keystone Christian Education Association, a statewide organization committed to the advancement of Christian schools in Pennsylvania.  Students have the opportunity to compete in an annual, state-wide fine arts competition with other Christian schools.

High school students also have the opportunity to audition for the KCEA All-State Choir.  This choir is comprised of students from Christian schools within KCEA, culminating with a 3-day practice and 2 concerts in the Harrisburg Capitol Rotunda.